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ArtworxTO Pop Up Hub at The Collision Gallery

The Collision Gallery at Commerce Court is excited to host one of ArtworxTO's Pop Up Hubs.  ArtworxTO Pop Up showcase several temporary exhibitions, projects and events highlighting the importance of people and placemaking. This exhibition opens on September 22nd, 2021.


About the Exhibition:

Self-care is often presented as unnecessary indulgences feeding into the more self-concerned parts of ourselves, seeing self-care as limited only to directly interacting with our desires and not extending into the world outside, or inside, of oneself.

Inspired by Black and Indigenous curators and thinkers who view care instead as radical community-based practice, combatting white supremacy and modern colonialism, we see an unbreakable tie between body, land, and our larger relations as care. The artists consider how they consider self-care in their practice and as a tool of resistance.

Click here to learn more about the ArtworxTO Pop Up Hub at The Collision Gallery.

Introducing WPSEVAC, Our New Building Fire and Life Safety App

We are excited to announcethat we have teamed up with WPS Disaster Management Solutions to provide a more effective solution to fire and life safety, and fire code compliance at Commerce Court thanks to our new custom building fire and life safety app, WPSEVAC. This app will empower Floor Wardens and Employees with information, such as emergency procedures,emergency contacts, evacuation reporting, fire evacuation maps and give them the confidence needed to respond to an emergency incident.


The app is fully integrated with our ePlan System ensuring you will always have access to the most current information.  In addition, you will have immediate access to the “at a glance dashboard” displaying any potential Floor Wardens that are due for fire safety training and drill requirements as set-outby the fire code.


The WPSEVAC app is available for iPhone and Android users.  Please visit to download the app now.  WPSEVAC will only be accessible to users who are registered by the building ePlan Advantage software program.  For more information about registering for Commerce Court’s ePlan, please contact [email protected]


Bird Migration Safety

Seasonal bird migrations in Ontario last from March through June, and continue again from the end of August to the beginning of November.  It is common for flocks of birds to be attracted to lights from buildings and, sadly, millions of birds are injured or killed due to collisions with buildings (source: While we understand that manypeople continue to work from home, please assist us where you can to help make our QuadReal office buildings flight-safe for birds.


The following are some simple and helpful techniques we're doing that you too can do for both your home – especially in high-rise towers - and office settings:

·When working late and, when localized light controls are available, please use task lighting (table or desk lamps) instead of overhead lights

·Close window curtains and blinds at night

·Turnoff non-critical exterior lighting during spring and fall bird migration seasons

·If surrounding greenery is reflected in your windows, consider a bird-deterrent window solution or move greenery away from windows

·Report a fallen bird at your home or workplace by calling Flap Canada at: 416.366.3527 or [email protected]


To learn more, please visit


You Want To Protect Nature. We Do Too.

Visit to learn more.  #WeCareToo

Commerce Court is Now on the Park Indigo App

Save some time and pay for your parking at Commerce Court in advance with the Park Indigo app.

  • Download the app and create an account
  • Choose Commerce Court as your parking destination
  • Set the duration of your stay
  • Pay and you're all set

No more waiting in lines, looking for change or losing your receipts.

Download the Park Indigo app now from the App Store or Google Play today.


Commerce Court proudly hosts over 200 events annually for our tenants, visitors, and greater community. These events span live music, visual art workshops, educational exhibits, markets and more, and are often in partnership with and/or in support of local and Canadian organizations and causes. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

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